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How to Play Andar Bahar – Rules and Strategy


Hailing from the Indian subcontinent, Andar Bahar gives a chance to enjoy a card game in easy steps. It has been adopted into different live casino settings in various jurisdictions. The latest iteration, especially the one played in India, builds on the essence of the game while offering more options for side bets and strategies required for bettors to walk away with winnings.

Andar Bahar’s release has its RTP pegged at 97.85% for the Andar bets, whereas the Bahar bets have an RTP of 97%. When you place bets on other wagers, you are likely to see the RTP decreasing.

The Pragmatic Play iteration of Andar Bahar is offered and played with one deck; this means that there is a need for a background dealer in charge of re-shuffling the pack and maintaining the random chance aspect. This leads to a decline in the duration it takes for the randomization (shuffling) of cards to be completed. A guide on how to play Andar Bahar will be beneficial, especially to new VIP bettors.

Check Andar Bahar Casino Game Details

Andar Bahar, the Indian live dealer card game, has simple rules and punters have winning odds estimated to be at around 50:50. The game offers a massive list of attractive and valuable side bets. For example, you will start with the Andar or Bahar sides emerging victorious on the first draw of a card (first card). The main traits of the game are illustrated below.

RTP: 97.85%
COIN VALUE 0.10 - 1000

Andar Bahar Online Game – The Classic Version

Andar Bahar is a simple and fun card game that is styled on the classic Indian version. You will have access to a random multiplier that aids you to win considerably more. The Indian best Andar Bahar primarily comprises a choice or prediction of when and where a specific card will be dealt.

The options available are whether the card will be dealt on the side of Bahar or Andar. This is typically the opening and easy choice for you; however, the game also provides several other interesting and dynamic rules and features that contain massive and generous rewards for punters. The maximum exposure for bettors in Andar Bahar is typically ₹4000.

Get ready for this single-deck Andar Bahar card game, which implies that it has 52 cards in play. The supplier offers randomness into the play by re-shuffling regally the deck and employing the shuffle machine.

Typically, card games do not have the popular side bets; it does not offer bonus options as well. However, Andar Bahar offers both aspects through the First Card, First 3, and Cards Dealt, which provide randomness, bolster adrenaline in the game and enhance the size and scale of prizes and winnings.

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Other Popular Kinds of Andar Bahar - Indian Card Game

Andar Bahar iterations are mostly characterized by the different side-bet terms and offerings to bettors. However, the essential aspects of the gameplay remain the same. Some of the different Andar Bahar Games are listed below:

  • Katti
  • Ullae Veliye
  • Mangatha

The objective of these three variations of Andar Bahar is to guess correctly which pile your card will be discarded to win real cash. It is a betting card game primarily comprising a card deck constituting up to the standard 52 cards and something to bet with.

How to Play Andar Bahar Card Game – Typical Scenario

Your core objective when playing this game is simple: your main target is to pick one out of two sides (Andar or Bahar), which will match the joker when the first card is drawn. The major steps on how to play Andar Bahar card game are listed below.

  • Step 1 - Placing Bets

    You will face two options in placing your bets. Firstly, the main bet comprises the upfront choice of the two sides on offer. Secondly, the side-bet gives players options to bolster their p[participation experience, and their prizes.

    The size of the bet you place will depend on whether you are a recreational punter (in which case small bets are preferred) or a professional gambler (in which case the bet size is calculated according to the expected value).

    The steps adopted in placing specific bets are often specific to the platform upon which you are playing. Check local listings to learn the specific process, payment methods, and transfer rules required before you can take part in this exciting game.

  • Step 2 - Revealing the Joker

    The Joker is drawn initially in the game, it is also called the house, trump, or the middle card. In this regard, the middle card is the reference point for the rest of the Andar Bahar – Indian card game that needs to be matched for a punter to emerge as the winner.

    You should pay massive attention to the Joker once it is drawn. Start collecting information immediately after the dealer draws the Joker card from the deck. For example, if the Joker has spades (black suit) or clubs, which means the game’s initially drawn card will be placed on the Andar side. On the other hand, if the Joker has diamonds or hearts (red suit), the first card dealt will go to the Bahar side.

  • Step 3 - Dealing Cards

    Once you have made your choice between Andar and Bahar; here are the steps that reveal how simple this game is:

    • The joker (10 hearts) is initially drawn (Joker or middle card), which are positioned in the middle between Andar and Bahar.
    • You subsequently place your bet (the choice between the Andar side or the Bahar side)
    • The dealer subsequently draws the initial (1st) card and positions it on the side of Andar.
    • If the drawn card does not match or is not consistent with the joker, the game will proceed with the dealer mandated to pick a second card and position it on the Bahar side.
    • If the drawn card does not match or is not consistent with the joker, the game will proceed with the dealer mandated to pick another card and position it on the Andar side.
    • This process will continue until a winner(s) is found.
  • Step 4 - Matching the Joker Card

    This process will proceed until the dealer draws a card with a similar rank or value as the Joker (middle card). The options you will face are as follows:

    • If your choice was the Andar side of the game and the subsequent card (10 hearts) shows up on the Andar side, you are a winner, if it instead shows up on the other Bahar side, then you lose.
    • If your bet was on Bahar and the next 10 appear on the Bahar side, you are a winner, and if it appears on the Andar side you lose.

Side Bets - More Options to Win

The main side bet options include:

Joker Prediction

The option in the game allows you to look and mainly focus on the joker; this is especially the case during the drawing of the middle card. This side bet is significant for bettors because it is typically settled before you even bet in the main process of Andar Bahar.

Bet on the Range

This option is concerned with the number used to label the drawn card between the matching card and the joker. Typically, a 41+ successful range prediction results in a 120:1 payout.

Mid-Game Wager

The Mid-Game Wager is broadly applied by Andar Bahar bettors on Indian online platforms. This option allows bettors to make another choice for a second time following the drawing of the joker. It allows punters to bolster their chances of triumphing during the interaction with the Andar Bahar game.

Side bets offer the best option for you to bolster your wins of real money. Note that side bets increase the edge of the house considerably. However, if you have decided to do a side bet(s); some of the best Andar Bahar options include:

  • The colour bet – it gives you a 50-50 likelihood of winning and pays 0.9:1.
  • A Below "8" bet – this will give you a 46.15% chance of winning with a payout of 1:1.
  • A bet above “8” – this option gives you a 46.15% chance of winning with a payout of 1:1.
  • A mid-range bet of 6-10 or 16-25 – this option hands you a 21% chance of winning and a payout of 4:1.

Main Andar Bahar Game Rules

There are crucial rules you will follow when you play Andar Bahar Online; this will give you the core guidelines to not only enjoy the game but also bolster your chances of winning. Some of the core rules include:

  • On the Andar Bahar table, you will be faced with two labelled boxes – Andar and Bahar.
  • Only a single set of cards is used with an automatic shuffling dealer randomizing the card-drawing process at the start of every round.
  • The game commences upon the revelation of the initial card (the joker or middle card) and positions it at the centre of the table.
  • Subsequently, the bettors have two choices in placing their bets. Basically, you will have to guess (predict) which between the Andar and Bahar sides will be the destination of the drawn matching card after shuffling. These initial bets are located in the 1st bet box.
  • If and when the joker appears on the first car drawn on the designated Bahar side, 25% of the value emanating from the betting size will be issued or paid out to the punters who made the right prediction (bet). The implication here is that all Andar bettors lose. If it appears on Andar, the Andar punters win and Bahar lose.
  • If the initial two card draws do not lead to the revelation of the joker, players will have a chance an additional chance to place the 2nd bet, which is placed in the 2nd bet box.

Andar Bahar game rules highlighted above are straightforward and offer you an understanding of how to maximize your wins.

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Tips and Tricks for Andar Bahar

Having learned the rules of the game; here are some areas that could help you enjoy the game and bolster your chances of winning. The main Andar Bahar tips are listed below:

  1. Pay massive attention to the joker – you should know as much as you can about the joker to help you in placing a bet and bolster your chance of winning.
  2. The Martingale System – you can use this system by doubling your stake to bolster your winnings. But remember that streaks can be long and you will need more resources to sustain this approach.
  3. The reverse Martingale System – This is designed to allow you to ride a positive streak; you will bolster the bet by a factor of two every time you win until you have enough.
  4. Keep your bet sizes small to maximize the fun while minimizing potential losses and thus winning real money bets.
  5. Find a casino with a demo to help you familiarize yourself with the game, and gain confidence for free, before playing it with real stakes.
  6. Leverage the side bets to bolster your haul.

These tips are crucial to bolstering your chances of winning.

Andar Bahar Winning Strategy for Newbies and Pros from India

Right from the start, you need to understand that the game of Andar Bahar cannot be strategized or tricked; however, there are crucial guidelines that can help in your understanding of how to win Andar Bahar game in India.

Andar Bahar remains providing bettors with 50:50 odds. However, patience, astute observation, observation, and math can help you bolster positive outcomes of the game.

For newbies, the rookie strategy can be helpful. Avoid going broke initially; you need to allot a distinct budget and time (daily or weekly) to engage with the game. Continued exposure to the game will bolster your instincts and decisions will become. In this regard, the main tool you can employ as a beginner is a demo provided by online Andar Bahar casinos. Therefore, the main strategy for newbies is restraint coupled with practice.

For pros, here are several intricate strategic approaches that can be employed to bolster winning in this game; some of these include:

  • Longshot betting
  • Flat betting
  • D’Alembert strategy of opposites
  • The 1-3-2-4 placements
  • Side bets
  • Combination bets

Andar Bahar on Mobile

The classic Andar Bahar Indian card game has increasingly become a beloved one in the country thanks to the broad accessibility bolstered through its availability on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even desktops; the important aspect here is the compatibility with these apps with the devices’ software. For example, mobile applications can be used to play Andar Bahar in India; some of the Android smartphone or tablet apps include:

  • Andar Bahar (launched on Google Play)
  • Andar Bahar – Indian Player Betting
  • Andar Bahar – Katti Indian Betting Card Game
  • Andar Bahar Gold (with Rummy and Poker)
  • Real Andar Bahar – Katti

Andar Bahar on mobile can also be accessed through online platforms and apps provided by individual casinos platforms in India.

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Where to Play Andar Bahar in English

Although there are thousands of online casinos claiming to offer Andar Bahar card games, it is crucial to use reputable and legitimate online platforms only. Some of the top casinos that will give you the best Andar Bahar playing experience in English include:

  • 10CRIC
  • Campeonbet
  • Cashalot
  • Casino Days
  • Casumo Casino
  • Dreamz Casino
  • ComeOn Casino
  • Cyber Bet
  • Europa Casino
  • Fortune Panda
  • Haz Casino
  • Horus Casino
  • Leovegas Casino
  • LiveRoullette
  • Magic Red casino
  • Pure Casino
  • Twin Casino
  • Vegaz Casino
  • Wildz Casino

Most of these casinos offer convenient and fast money transfer methods for sending money to your casino wallet and withdrawing winnings, including Paytm, which is a leading Indian digital payments and financial services company in India.


Is Andar Bahar easy to play?
Yes. The game is simple and easy to play with easy-to-follow steps in placing a bet and winning.
What is classic Andar Bahar?
The classic game refers to the initial Hindi version that was played in India before it was adapted into a casino game. The casino version of the game is based on the classic variant of the game; it is different from the many indie games played in India today.
Can I play the game in English?
Yes. Several casinos in India offer Andar Bahar in English and in Hindi. Check local listings for the platforms that will offer it in English.
Which side bets are available in Andar Bahar?
The three main ones include Joker Prediction, Bet on the Range, and Mid-Game Wager.
How many cards are there in Andar Bahar?
Standard 52-card deck is used for Andar Bahar game.